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Renewable energy sources

The company OEMATECH actively promotes the idea of ​​innovation and future for humanity. We are aware of one of the most important problems of the 21st century -waste recycling- and promote the technologies used throughout Europe for the processing of biowaste and waste from agriculture and animal husbandry. Today, biogas generation and subsequent power and heat generation is one of the pioneering solutions for waste recycling. Biogas is a gas mixture of methane (40-87%) and carbon dioxide (13-55%) produced in the biogas plants through aerobic fermentation of the biomass in special reactors, called fermenters. A biogas plant or complex technology plant, contains:

  • inlet and treatment modules;

  • biogas generation, purification and storage modules;

  • heat and power generation modules.

Raw materials:

  • manure or bird fertilizer;

  • animal and poultry feed waste;

  • animal and poultry feed waste;

  • slaughterhouse and fishing waste;

  • agricultural waste (cereals, potatoes, etc);

  • dairy, sugar production and brewery waste;

  • other biowaste. 

Discontinuation module of the organic plant:

  • thermal and electrical energy;

  • highly effective organic fertilizers.

The economic success of a biogas plant can result regionally from the ecological, economic, energetic, agrochemical and social aspects. The construction of a biogas plant has the following advantages:


  • soil and groundwater protection against pollution by biowaste; 

  • soil and groundwater protection against biowaste pollution;  d

  • detox of livestock and agricultural waste;

  • reduced emissions of greenhouse gases (replacing combustion of the same amount of natural fuels and preventing methane emissions due to the open storage of livestock waste). 


Cost-effectiveness for the operator:

  • the operator no longer has to pay for the recycling of bio-waste of hazard classes 3 and 4;

  • slow-heat and power supply and the associated reduction of electricity costs;

  • possibility of an additional source of income (electricity and heat supply, sale of organic fertilizers, biowaste utilization for other farms);

  • asset and profit tax benefits for those holding or operating a biogas plant;

  • state subsidies for the companies that have or operate a biogas plant. 


Agrochemicals (in the recovery of the residual product of a biogas plant -organic fertilizers):

  • reduced use of inorganic fertilizers (mineral fertilizers);

  • related to pesticides;

  • rising agricultural yield;

  • increasing soil fertility and soil regeneration. 


Social aspects:

  • new jobs;

  • improving the health and environmental conditions in the region, restoring the surrounding areas;

  • no odor through the biowaste storage.

In cooperation with Russian and German partners OEMATECH offers the complete range of services in project planning and construction of biogas plants in the Russian Federation. These include:

  • consulting

  • research

  • engineering

  • realisation

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